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The Bloody Reign of the Mad Miner


Can you make it through the haunted mine and past the Mad Miner, or will you too, fall victim to his bloody reign and die underground? 

Legend says that in the 1800s the Mad Miner purchased a mail-order bride from England.  The bride was unhappy in the wild backcountry of North Carolina and longed to return home to civilized England.  She began nagging and henpecking her husband so persistently for her return passage that he became angered. 

One beautiful October evening, he took her on a moonlit stroll, promising her that he would allow her to leave for home the next day.  The Mad Miner then pushed his wife down a steep, deserted mine shaft, leaving her for dead at the cold, dark bottom of the pit. 

Months later, while working deep in the tunnels at the Reed, the miner began to hear the moaning, torturous cries of his deceased wife, Im sooo cold.  When can I go home?  Its sooo dark down here!  The rantings of the voice drove him crazy, hence the name Mad Miner, and he later disappeared under mysterious circumstances.  He returns each Halloween, furious, blood thirsty and looking for more victims. 

Is it possible that your voice now could be the one that he intends to silence? 


WHAT IS AVAILABLE:  Terror filled haunted mine tours, old fashioned hayrides, kids games, and Performances by Chaz the Magician and Storyteller , Terry Mathis.


FEES:  $3.00 per person for haunted mine tours and $2.00 per person for hayride.  Small fees for kids activities.


TIMES:  Friday, October 24---7:00pm 11:00pm.

                Saturday, October 25---7:00pm 11:00pm.

                Friday, October 31---7:00pm 11:00pm.

                Saturday, November 1---7:00pm 11:00pm